Teeth Whitening Treatment

Certain food and drink intakes such as coffee and tea are part of our daily diet but causes yellow staining of our teeth. Teeth whitening / teeth bleaching is a simple, conservative and cost effective way to brighten up your smile.


Teeth WhiteningMany factors, including dietary habits (drinking coffee, tea, soda and red wine) and certain medications, affect the whiteness of your smile. Teeth whitening is an affordable and effective way to combat common causes of tooth discolouration, while boosting your self-confidence and improving your appearance. We offer an internationally renowned product known as BriteSmile to our teeth whitening patients.


Take Home Whitening Gels are only available from your dentist who will supervise your treatment from initial consultation through to completion. The sticky, viscous gel won’t migrate to gums, and most formulations include Potassium Fluoride (PF), which helps to decrease sensitivity.


Take Home Whitening Gels are used with customized bleaching trays. Your dentist will create this tray from an impression, hence this customization is part of why the Take Home Whitening Gels are very effective.

We offer 3 types of whitening options:

1. In-chair 2 hour session using Britesmile – immediate results, up to 9 shades lighter, long lasting, less fade-back, safe and comfortable. performed by dental professional.

2.  Take home Whitening Gels with customised trays – results take 1-2 weeks, self administered, sleep at night wearing customised trays. can buy more gel from practice when runs out

3. Combination of the In-chair with a take home kit for maintenance.


First appointment: Upper and lower impressions will be taken of your mouth. You will also have a full consultation and cleaning done during this appointment. The consultation is necessary to note any treatment required prior to bleaching. The cleaning is also vital as you will then experience an even result with the bleaching process.

Second appointment with our dentist in Durban: You will be given bleaching trays, a bleaching kit and the dental practitioner will explain how to carry out the home bleaching.

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