Child Friendly Dentist

Child-friendly Dental Services

Children no longer have to fear their dental visits. There are child friendly dentists who adopt certain methods to make the child feel comfortable. If your child sees the dentist from an early age, this will prevent future dental problems in adulthood.


Child friendly dentistry is one of our priorities at Gateway Dental. Your child should have their first dental visit by the age of one as during this time their teeth start appearing. Thereafter they should come every six months for their routine check-ups.

The importance of bringing your child regularly for a dental check-up is to allow the dentist and child to form a relationship based on trust and allow the child to feel comfortable and safe to undergo any treatment. Your child will be introduced to the dental environment.

It is always better to allow your child to visit the dentist for a check-up and polishing and not only when they experience pain. Every child responds differently to dental treatment, so when we have the opportunity to meet your child we can determine which behavioural strategy we should use to suit your child’s unique personality.

The various strategies that we use at the Practice are:

  1. “Tell-show-do”: this entails a verbal explanation, followed by a demonstration and then the child allows us to perform the procedure.
  2. “De-sensitisation”: slowly introduce the child to each procedure in order of least fear inducing. For example – start with check-up, followed up with polishing, then fillings and extractions.
  3. “Positive re-enforcement”: encouraging the child and giving them positive feedback during the procedure.
  4. “Modelling”: allowing your child to watch while you have your check-up done, or an older sibling etc.
  5. “Alternative techniques”: voice control, flexible authority – allow the child to lift their hand when he would like a rest – and distraction.

Usually multiple strategies can be used during a single appointment.

Laughing gas is an option to consider – this allows your child to feel relaxed and eliminates any fear. You may read further about this in the Sedation description.

Should a child be very young, have multiple areas of decay, be very fearful and not able to co-operate in the chair, we would then manage the child in theatre and perform all required treatment in a single general anaesthesia session.

The staff at Gateway Dental are dedicated to making your child’s experience a pleasant one and ensure that they look forward to returning.


Your baby’s teeth perform the following important functions:

  • Helps provide nutrition
  • Helps make speech possible
  • Aids in the normal development of the jaw bones and facial muscles
  • Adds to an attractive appearance
  • Reserves space for the permanent teeth and help guide them into position

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