Cosmetic Dentistry: The Psychological Impact

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile”

Focusing on the aesthetic side of dental care, cosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of benefits. From a psychological point of view, the benefits are perhaps the most important. For many people, a smile is a way to connect to others, share happiness and broadcast joy to the world. When that smile is less than perfect, the result is smiling behind a hand, keeping the mouth shut during photos and even talking in a way that tries to hide the teeth as much as possible. Needless to say, trying to hide teeth or any other part of the body takes its toll.

Cosmetic dentistry aims to fix these feelings of shame, embarrassment and low self-esteem, by restoring smiles to their full glory. Whether it is corrective braces that fix an over bite or under bite, teeth shaping to correct overly small, large or skew teeth, gum shaping that affects how much gum is shown, teeth whitening, veneers or other restorative work such as crowns and bridges, this type of dentistry has the ability to change lives dramatically.

The Psychological Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Numerous studies have been done over the years to determine how much effect cosmetic dentistry has on patient self-esteem and confidence. One study done by the Journal of Dentistry indicated that restorative cosmetic procedures may have a major positive impact on patient self-esteem. Through the improvement of patient smiles, patients generally feel more confident in their appearance. This in turn helps to improve general self-esteem.

What are the benefits of cosmetic procedures from a psychological point of view? Let’s take a look…

  •  An increase in self-esteem
  • Patients are more comfortable having their photo taken
  • Patients experience increased confidence in social situations
  • Patients enjoy improved relationships
  • Patients become more outgoing socially
  • Patients make positive impressions on others

As a general rule of thumb, although it sounds shallow, appearance has a great deal to do with confidence. That does not mean that you would be vain trying to improve the way you look. When you feel better about your smile however, you are far more likely to be outgoing and confident – especially in social situations. Compared to how you may feel in such situations if you have crooked teeth, broken teeth, discoloured teeth or any other issues, you will generally feel far more comfortable in your skin when you feel good about your smile.

This in turn helps you to create better relationships with those around you, while also making a positive impression because you feel and appear more confident. The knock on effect of this is long lasting and highly positive, helping to change lives in many ways.

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