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Dental Hygeine

7 Point Dental Hygiene Checklist

For truly optimal dental hygiene, having a simple checklist in place can help you teach proper dental habits to kids while reminding yourself how to keep your teeth and gums in excellent health. Like anything else in life, habit makes it easier to get into a routine. Once routine becomes a habit, you will no

adding regular dentist visits to your calendar helps to make dental health part of your routine

The Importance of Routine In Dental Hygiene

Routine plays a vital part in effective dental hygiene. Without a proper routine, it becomes far harder to form healthy habits. A good routine will eliminate a number of risks, keeping your teeth and gums in optimal condition both now and later. Keep reading to find out just how much of a role routine plays

Dental Hygeine

New Years Resolution: Look After Your Teeth!

As we get further into the first month of 2018, dental care should be on everyone’s list of new year’s resolutions. Despite the importance of oral health, many people treat dentist visits as something to put off until they absolutely cannot avoid making an appointment. If you wait until you have a major cavity, broken

Smiling healthy teeth

Looking After Your Teeth on the Go

Holidays are finally in sight, but that does not mean you should stop thinking about dental care. Looking after your teeth on the go is every bit as looking after your teeth at home. In fact, you may need to try a little harder when travelling, as you will not have easy access to your

sugar and your teeth - how can sugar affect your dental hygeine?

Sugar and Your Teeth: The Truth Exposed

If you thought that the link between sugar and teeth was not anything to worry about, think again. There have been numerous studies on the effect of sugar on cavities, gum disease and various other dental issues. Drinking too many sugar-loaded soft drinks, sweets or other products can do plenty of damage. Some of the

Marine Corps Base Quantico targets tobacco use during a healthy base initiative. Smoking is responsible for over 440,000 deaths per year.

How Smoking Affects Your Teeth

Wondering how smoking affects your teeth? In a nutshell, smoking has a serious and sometimes lasting effect, not only on your teeth, but on your entire oral health. Smokers are, among other things, at greater risk of oral cancer and other gum disease. They are more likely to have yellowed, stained teeth, bad breath and


Electric Toothbrush versus Manual: A Dentist’s View

There are many things to consider when trying to choose an electric toothbrush versus a manual. Most dentists will tell you that the most important thing is how you brush, rather than which type of toothbrush you use to brush your teeth. One of the many benefits of electric toothbrushes is that they operate for


How Often Do I Need To Visit The Dentist?

Wondering how often you should be booking dental appointments at your dental practice in Durban? The general rule of thumb that most dentists recommend all over the world is twice a year. A cleaning and check-up appointment every six months is the most effective way to prevent gum disease, cavities and other issues before they


What Are Dental Crowns and When Do You Need Them?

Dental crowns are tooth shaped caps that fit perfectly over a damaged or heavily filled teeth. Crowns are typically made from high grade porcelain that closely resembles the colour and texture of natural teeth. Essentially, crowns are used to restore the tooth’s shape, size, strength and appearance. When they are cemented in place, they completely

dental health

Why is Dental Fluoride Important for Teeth?

Dental fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in many foods, as well as water and toothpaste. Diet plays an important role in fluoride consumption. It is vital for both children and adults to eat a diet rich in fibrous and wholegrain starches, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, dairy, meat, fish and other

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